Re: [Tccc] IETF model? Re: Different community, similar problems? (Henning Schulzrinne)


>A number of conferences have had rebuttals for years; the general experience is that they greatly increase the work for the >authors (and the reviewers), but rarely change the result, among other problems. Based on this experience, some conferences have >abandoned them.

I am not sure why the authors would complain about the opportunity for rebuttal. They can simply not use the facility if they are happy with the reviews. I can see how it increases the TPC's and possibly reviewer's workload (if the reviewer is expected to respond to the rebuttal). It is sad if the conferences are abandoning the opportunity for rebuttal.

>I agree that better opportunities for volunteers would be useful. The Transactions on Networking is in the process of setting up >a system for volunteering, so that there's a database of reviewer candidates for editors to draw on, as one more source.

This is certainly a positive development. I hope the system, when in place, will be well advertized.


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